What is Selflove?

What is the meaning of Selflove?

How do you Love yourself? 

These are very important questions. Let's first take a look at the two words that make up the phrase, Self and Love. These are two of the most important concepts in human life experience. Yet they are two of the most ambiguous, confusing, and misunderstood. Both Self and Love are so ambiguous, confusing, and misunderstood because they often perceived as things. Objective things that can be mutually understood in the same way, just as any other object can. However, this is so far from the truth. Self and Love cannot be mutually understood in a particular way because they are both subjective experiences...no two are alike. 

You cannot see Self, you can only be and experience Self. You cannot see Love, you can only be and experience Love. Both Self and Love are individual experiences. They take place within, the quality, texture, and flavor of the experience is private and personal to you. You can share your experience with another, but only as YOUR experience. Everyone must experience Self and Love to know them. Therefore, telling another details about something they can only know by personal experience, is a huge contributing factor to the ambiguity, confusion, and misunderstanding. So, why do we believe that Self is a thing we can see, put clothing, makeup, and jewelry on, think about, develop, grow, is born, and dies? Why do we believe Love is a feeling, an action, something kind or thoughtful we do for another or our body, something that hurts and something we have to look for, something we need, can give and take away? Those are very important questions. What do you think?           

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